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With the experience we have, we understand better customers need. Since our company established in 1997, we have been continuously supplying garments to U.S.A.and Europe to our customers. World's highly respected brands, including Ecko, Calvin Klein, Miss Sixty and DKNY has made Wintrend to be one of the most modern and innovative denim apparel provider.


Wintrend is an apparel group which engages in manufacturing and trading of denim apparel, sweater, various woven and knitted apparel.

Our product range includes Woven and Knit’s, casual wear, denim wear and children’s wear. Customer’s designs are welcome!!


We know that high quality goods and competitive price combining with on time delivery is vital to client’s success, our goal is to always provide excellent quality of goods and quality of services to our customers.

Other than manufacturing units Wintrend has its own Woven & Knit garment factory and Dyeing and Laundry factory in Guangdong Province China. We can offer better price to our customers. In other words, you will still get the same high quality products but at a very attractive price.

We manufacture various high quality woven and knitted apparel and our dyeing and laundry factory suits the needs of the modern washing demand of the denim apparel industry. With its own research and development team, our denim design artists are among the most innovative in the industry.


Knit Product

At Wintrend, we offer a more complete package of Knit products. We have a collection of yarn choices. Our dyeing and laundry factory can also apply various washing effect on our product including snow wash, enzyme wash, chemical/colour spray, garment dye, pigment dye, tie dye, dip dye, etc.


Woven Product

Wintrend provides the best platform for denim development and production. Our own dyeing and laundry facilities make us a unique denim vendor. From classic five pockets to heavy enzyme stone wash with hand-sanding, various abrasion work and patching, 3D crinkle and hand-stitching... combinations and innovative designs go endless.

Wintrend’s experienced workmanship in our facilities in China and qualified professional merchandising team at its sales & corporate office in Hong Kong aiming to provide the best of products and services to the customers all the time.